Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day 5, October 22: Workout and Food Diary

Day 5 on the journey. Here is what I did and what I ate.

No boot camp today!
I did a “Field” workout. See below for details.

Cool down: No stretching, just about 10 minutes of walking.

Here’s the lowdown on the “Field” workout. I started doing these about twice a month a while back. I got tired of being in the gym all day. The entire workout takes about an hour, including 5-10 minutes of warm-up and 10-15 minutes of walking as a cool-down.

I start by walking 40-yards. After the first one, I walk faster on each successive one until I’m nearly jogging. It takes about 3 or 4 40-yard distances to get to this point. Then, I jog the distance and work up to a full sprint. When I can run a full sprint, I run 10, 40-yard dashes as fast as I can. Although today, I didn’t work up to a full sprint. I didn’t want to test cranking my shoulder like that just yet.

After the sprints, I went through some plyometric drills, including long and quick jumps over a 25-yard distance. The long jumps entailed covering the 25-yards in as few jumps as possible. On these, I get a good, deep knee bend and really engage the glutes. The quick jumps are simply bounces over the 25-yards. I limit knee bend while concentrating on being light on my feet.

Next I did a sprint-jump combination for 50-yards which included a 10-yard sprint with 5 vertical jumps every 10-yards. After this, I was tired. But I did some drills specific to opening up and clearing my hips. These were sideways running drills that involved rotating the hips forward and backward while doing the same with my feet.

I usually run a few 40-yard sprints after this, but I was really worn out. So I didn’t. I rate this workout a solid 10 on the 0-10 scale.

Food Diary
Breakfast, 6:00 AM:
3 scrambled eggs and two pieces of whole wheat toast.
Snack, 9:30 AM: Power Crunch bar – chocolate.
Lunch, 12:00 PM: Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread.
Snack, 3:00 PM: No snack – yard work.
Dinner, 6:00 PM: Ground beef taco salad.
Snack, 9:00 PM:
Green apple and one blueberry yogurt.

Fluids: Throughout the day, at least 4.0 L of water. I was drenched after the “Field” workout. No green tea and 1 diet coke. Two coronas with dinner.

That’s day five, your thoughts????

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