Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day 1, October 18: Workout and Food Diary

Day 1 on the journey. Here is what I did and what I ate. Your thoughts?

15 minutes interval training on stationary bike
1 hour Boot Camp
Unless otherwise stated, each exercise was done with 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

  • Spine Extensions, Hip Extensions, Walk out pushups all on stability ball.
  • Chest press, pullovers, crunches (center, right and left) all on stability ball with 10-pound medicine ball.
  • Rolling stability ball squats – rear, straight leg dead lifts on BOSU trainer with 10-pound medicine ball.
  • Bent-over alternating rows, bicep curls with 15-pound dumb bells, no shoulder work yet.
  • Regular planks – 3 sets of 30 seconds, obliques on ball.
  • Walking lunges (no twist or overhead press and no medicine ball – can’t do it yet) down and back, twice. One trip about 20 yards.
  • Ball balance on stability ball – 3 sets, 30 seconds each.

Cool down: Golf-specific stretch focusing on hips, hamstrings, shoulders, chest and torso – about 10 minutes.

The interval training on the bike really snapped my quads back to reality! The intervals started at 2- and 1-min, with 2-min being at 100 RPM and 1-min at 120 RPM. Over the last 5 min I switched to 1-min intervals. On a scale of 0-10, I would rate this about a 7.

This was my first Boot Camp since the injury. It actually felt really good, even though I couldn’t do shoulder or triceps exercises. As I get better, those will be added. But working hard and breaking a good sweat never felt so good. On the 0-10 scale, this was about a 6.

Food Diary
Breakfast, 5:15 AM: Free-range ground beef taco on whole wheat tortilla with peppers (green and red bells).
Snack, 9:30 AM: Power Crunch bar – chocolate.
Lunch, 11:30 AM: 1 chicken breast with mixed greens salad and balsamic vinegar.
Snack, 2:30 PM: 1 banana, ½ organic peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread.
Dinner, 5:30 PM: 2 chicken fajita tacos on whole wheat tortilla with avocado and fresh HOT salsa and a mixed greens salad with balsamic vinegar.
Snack, 9:00 PM: 1 green apple and 1 raspberry yogurt (4 oz. serving).

Fluids: Throughout the day, about 3 L of water. One cup of green tea and 1 diet coke.

The 2 photos below show the starting and ending position for the obliques on stability ball exercise. This is a great core exercise that will help you develop power in your torso. Because you are on the ball, you are also working on balance.

This is the starting position. Note my side is directly on the stability ball and my top leg is forward.

This is the ending position. Note how far I have lifted my torso off the ball. The higher you lift, the greater the benefit. To increase the difficulty of this exercise, add a twist at the top. As you lift your torso off the ball, slowly rotate your chest toward the wall. If you can rotate until your chest is parallel to the wall, you have excellent torso rotation for golf.

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