Saturday, August 11, 2007

Link Update

Some articles for your leisure reading:

  • For you space (and fitness) buffs, read this story about an astronaut who ran the Boston Marathon while in space. Make sure you read the side bar - at the bottom right in the box - to learn about a few of the things that happen to the body while in space.
  • The Worst People to Play With: Irritating golfers and what they do to irritate you. While there, check out the "Share your thoughts" section and read what many people had to report as their irritating partners and experiences.
  • This is the follow-up article to the one above - amusing stuff!
  • A Q&A with Tiger - not too revealing but interesting nonetheless to see how someone of his stature thinks.

I think that is enough "weekend reading" for you.

See you next week.


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