Monday, August 13, 2007

Football workout video

Here is a video demo of Chris performing a quick football workout on the Pro Trainer II from Vortex. Chris is demonstrating four exercises:

  • Alternating chest press/punch: note the lean of his body - this helps develop power and explosion in his arms, shoulders and chest.
  • Alternating high rows: Do these as fast as you can to develop the fast-twitch muscle fibers.
  • Alternating bicep curls: Same as above
  • Hip explosions with the bench: really jump into the bench and develop power and explosion in your hips - if you're a linebacker, strong safety or CB this will help you become a more aggressive and powerful tackler.

Keep in mind that these are only four of a practically unlimited number of exercises you could do while training for football. Check out other videos we've recorded. There are a lot of other videos you can find too. Youtube, myspace and other sites where videos can be posted have some, like NFL players, MMA, UFC and other professional athletes using this equipment.

If getting stronger and developing more power and explosion are important to football (you know they are, right?), why aren't you training that way? Oh, that's right. You don't have equipment like this. Never fear, you can come here and train. We're the only gym in Texas that has this equipment and it's right here in Houston.

Our location (59 and SW Frwy) makes it easy to get here within 15 minutes from a lot of different places. Get down here and check us and this equipment out!

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