Friday, July 27, 2007

British Open Poll Results

Well I don't know why, but an overwhelming majority of you were glad to see that Sergio didn't win either.

In case you missed it or would like to cast your own vote, the poll is here.

I really have nothing against him, nor do I dislike him. And when I've seen interviews of him, he comes across as a guy I'd probably like. Some people think he needs an attitude adjustment. He's too cocky or arrogant. And sometimes he comes across as a smartass - none of which bothers me one way or the other. Being somewhat of a smartass myself is why I think I would probably like him - note emphasis on somewhat.

But even with the outfits (which really mess up the HD experience) I simply don't think his play stands out all that much one way or the other. Good enough to be there but just not good enough to win it.

Oh well...on to the results.

There are 262 subscribers and 183 of you voted. That's nearly 70%. Not bad.

Yes (I'm glad Sergio didn't win!): 148 votes
No - I like his outfits, so I wish...: 35 votes

The yesses received 81% of the votes - an overwhelming victory.

So there you have it. Sorry about that Sergio.

Until next time, break a sweat each and every day.


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