Monday, June 25, 2007

If finally happened yesterday,

I got to play golf!

It was the first time since July of last year - way too long. If you recall, in July I suffered the painful and uncomfortable neck impingement. Just when I was fully recovered and ready to play again, the Nationwide Tour Championship headed down here to Houston. Since I gave some golf-fitness talks, I was busy preparing and unable to play.

Then soon after that, I bought the fitness center and really haven't had time play.

Until yesterday.

I played with my brother and some of his buddies at Pecan Grove Country Club. It's a nice, mature layout that puts a premium on accuracy - not exactly what you want when coming back from nearly a year off.

The front 9, not so good: five lost balls, 2 wins, 6 pushes (no carryovers) and a loss in Wolf. I was happy with the way I hit the ball, most shots went straight - no draw or fade action. I was just too handsy and pulled everything left. Shorter irons were the worst - I'd hit wedge from 115 and completely miss the green.

Regroup on the back 9.

It was much better: only 1 lost ball (crushed a drive that went through the dogleg and straight into a backyard!), 2 more wins and 7 pushes in Wolf. Overall Wolf results, net loss of $3 - damn!

But back to my game...

I relaxed my hands and that seemed to alleviate the pulls. Shorter irons still needed some help but I had three legitimate birdie putts - even though I didn't make a single one. I was pleased with the back 9 and shooting a 43, all things considered.

I won't tell you what I shot on the front - it was worse than that :-) but going into the round, given my layoff I told myself that I'd be happy with an 85. Double the back and it's 86, so I'm pretty pleased.

Now, it's Monday morning, 8:30am. I'm at the check-in desk, greeting and talking to members, and watching the rain through the window.

As my mind drifts back to yesterday, I'm thinking it sure would be nice to be playing again.

Even in the rain!

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